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Among the StarClan cats, she noticed Moonflower, Stormtail and Snowfur. Heres a small Riverspirit lists characters that had insecurities that affected their lives. I hope they have a happy life in . After Bluestar sacrificed herself to save ThunderClan, Mistyfoot and Stonefur forgave her, and she ascended to StarClan where she became mates with Oakheart again and reunited with her kin, feeling at peace. Bluestar sat by Lionheart and Yellowfang in front of Leafpool. Bluekit: Oh look at the butterfly! Sadly, the realationship between these two was torn apart when Bluestar had her and Oakheart's kits and one of them, Mosskit died from the cold. Until we have further evidence, as Frostpaw has spoken to a few StarClan spirits before, Curlfeather's residency in StarClan is uncertain. are bluestar and oakheart mates in starclan. "Hello Bluestar." Her eyes brightened. The grey and white one is Mosskit. Bluestar spat. LET'S CONTINUE Sorry!!!! I'm here to give you a taste of your medicine. See more ideas about warrior cat, warrior cats, warrior cats art. if bluestar and oakheart werent mates, than stonefur and mistyfoot (star) wouldnt be alive. Bluekit: (eats ladder) BBBLLEEEAARRGGGHH!!! Many ThunderClan cats were snarling at them, but Fireheart, almost going to be leader was keeping them away. (Get Iceberg and Pool), Snowkit: That's right ma'am! "Oakheart" Bluestar called "what is it?" Bluestar turned to Oakheart "it's ok I'll go to Stonefur and Crookedstar" Oakheart replied and padded to his son and his brother, then Bluestar and Mosskit goes to Snowfur "hey Snowfur" greeted Bluestar "oh hey Bluestar and hello Mosskit" Snowfur meowed "hello Snowfur" said Mosskit "can you teach me some hunting tricks?" Gasping I opened my eyes. Yellowfang lashed her tail in fury, her pelt bristling. Moonflower stared blankly and Snowfur looked away. The words stung in Bluestar's mind. I need to save my Clan. Moonflower licked the tear. "Four will become two, Lion and Tiger will meet in battle, and Blood will rule the forest.". He swiped his paws in the water, flicking a fish out. Fireheart always was the fire that saved our Clan and I was proud. They're a really cute couple. No! can i borrow twenty dollars, Bluekit: (buys all salmon on Earth: has three bucks). Now! Whitestorm yowled. (Showing all dinosaurs). Every cat was waiting for her. Spottedleaf closed her eyes. Patchkit: You will be my victim and I will catch you! "Rosetail! "So will I my love, we will walk with her forever"*******Bluestar gasped seeing Firestar loose another life to foxes. Confused, Thrushpelt wondered who he was. Oh Piiinestar? Mumblefoot let out a yowl as Snowfur stepped on his tail. Having you around kept her memory alive. Bluestar replied with a heavy sigh. Mistyfoot and Stonefur: AAHHH! Oh, my precious kits. "Bluestar - look what happened to Cinderpelt! No one's trying to pretend Moonflower's still alive. StarClan cannot choose leaders, even if the leader is just. Yellowfang looked at her and snarled but remembered their agruement and kept her mouth shut. "Power like the stars." Swiftbreeze: But your most valuable tools opened hers and the best devices of mine opened them when they appeared. Bluestar trotted beside her mate Oakheart. "Him and Sandstorm were seperated" She sighed heavily. The Blog Monthly is back written by Lil, fresh off the printing press Hello, everyone! "Im happy to see you, but also sad. Snowfur padded up beside her. Cats can learn to follow the warrior code, but they cannot always learn to have the compassion and courage that comes from faith. OK! "StarClan." She dipped her head, sorrow shining in her very blue eyes. His face brightened. They walked over beside the Moonstone waiting for Fireheart to appear.Then Fireheart's ginger pelt and Cinderpelt walked toward the Moonstone. Brightspirit flicked her tail. She opened her eyes, they shined like stars. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Ferncloud is a supporting character in the Warriors series. Bluestar looked down at her Clan. I then knew what has happened. I can't be what I want to be. I slowly went over to my kit and his spirit appeared by me. "Stop!" "Pinestar." Her faithful old friend had kept her secret until the very end, only ever speaking of the lost kits with the fond grief of a father. Stonefur nodded. Bluestar didn't say anything and she dipped her head to Rosetail and padded away. Also included in a three-pack bundle with the rest of. Mumblefoot: I'm Mumblefoot, and I have a weird name. "It's left in better paws." He meowed. They late get their warrior names, Mistyfoot and Stonefur. Monthly: Not everything you dislike. "Moonflower? Goosefeather Kits: You will die from the beans! its been awhile since i read bluestars prophecy (its also my fav book), but i think bluestar loved oakheart more than any other tom. "Goodbye Leafpool, take care of the Clan." Cinderpelt's voice trailed off. Bluestar was a leader of ThunderClan in the forest territories. See answer (1) Copy. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Bluefur would have picked thrushpelt he keeps trying his best to please her and he loves her more than anything. Monthly month: Hey! Bluestar smiled, happy to see the former leader, again. "Bluestar!" "Im so glad we meet again old friend." "What's wrong?" Bluestar's Death: Bluestar blinked open her eyes. They touched it and faded to the starlight Fourtrees. Stonefur joined Starclan recently, Mosskit was happy to meet her brother again that she can play with along with Minnowkit and Willowkit. He asked. Juniper licked her side where she was kicked. After all the lives it was my turn. Oakheart meowed. I smiled at Thistleclaw then I padded over to Oakheart. "you have a destiny to forfil." Copy. The Wishful Nights - Book 1: Assassin's Oath. Winners of the October Fan Challenge + New Challenge Announcement, Winners of the July Fan Challenge + New Challenge Announcement, Winners of the August 2021 Fan Challenge + New Challenge Announcement, Winners of the February 2022 fan challenge + new challenge announcement, Winners of the September 2022 fan challenge + new challenge announcement, Winners of the November 2022 fan challenge + new challenge announcement, Our favorite The Prophecies Begin scenes artwork. are bluestar and oakheart mates in starclan. Hollyleaf had swiped out her paw in the fire of the forest and killed Ashfur on accident, and finally the truth came out. I remember her smell and the warmth of lying beside her. It is for the best. Patchkit: Okay, be a fighter, and I won't be something the Bowlegs did. "Hello, Bluestar," Moonflower greeted with warmth in her eyes. (Climbs above sunflower). No! We hid from the sick cats! Then Mosskit walked over and said,"Mommy why are you sad,if you are sad I am sad.". What are your names? Brightstar looked off into the distance. Stonefur took a step back. "Safe travels." When the clans face a terrible blight, trespassing twolegs, and an unanswering Starclan . Tallstar sighed. "My Clan will live." @Streamstar49. NOW be quiet now and go to sleep! Bluestar blinked away the tears and looked at her daughter. . Measures approximately 35cm in length. "Thank you Bluestar." Bluestar felt sadness swell inside of her. The lighter kitten on top of the darker one is Stonekit (stonefur) the one below him is Mistykit (mistystar). "Yes" She meowed and padded away. In the morning Bluestar and Oakheart are eating then a white and grey kit ran to them "good morning" Mosskit said happily "good morning Mosskit" Bluestar meowed "I slept with Minnowkit and Willowkit last night and it was warm" Mosskit said "where's your brother?" "You're so weak now! Leopardkit: let's not show you that you have no choice. "What will Firestar do Bluestar, how can he choose Brambleclaw or Graystripe for deputy?" "Your Clan.". One of the greatest the forest has ever known. Bluestar returned her mother's greeting. Her eyes blazed. Snowfur padded away to be with Thistleclaw, leaving Bluestar to think. He reasurred. warriorcats. Bluestar (at the time bluefur) finds Oakheart on sunningrocks which at that time was thunderclan territory. Now we would always be together in starclan. "Oh. Her eyes watered. "Bluestar, have faith. Bluestar got to her paws and padded around looking at the ground thinking. "Cinderpelt!" Tallstar cried out. [1] There is no specific leader for StarClan since there are many cats from all five Clans that work together. Third deputy of ThunderClan under Bluestar's rule. "I came to sleep with you." And I doubted it myself, when fire raged through our camp. After Spottedleaf received a prophecy, Bluestar invited a young kittypet named Rusty to join ThunderClan, naming him Firepaw, and mentored him. To my relief Stonefur started to slash and bite back. Oakheart spoke. Bluestar walked away and saw Spottedleaf and Yellowfang ,aruging. A made-to-order t-shirt or hoodie featuring the cover artwork from. They shouted at the same time. Bluestar! Leafpool opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. also leopardstar would have appointed another cat deputy that was not hawkfrost, because leopardstar became leader before hawkfrost joined. there will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws, Erin Hunter Answers Your Questions Summer 2011, Kate Answers Questions: No Preamble and Reincarnation, StarClan was able to resurrect Tigerheart, showing they are able to bring cats back from the dead. Bluekit: Unless we see big cats and watch Leopardkit and Patchkit clean up their patients! Rosetail nodded. Stone: COME FROM MY RING! AmazingWarriorCats. She was a proud and deeply committed leader. Poppydawn: No one can compete with the two of you, as one of them will have the seat of the first major arc criminal. She spoke. "But it's so early! All of your favourite facts and quotes are located right here! Bluestar said happily. "But he was the fire that would save our Clan!" Was bluestar there when oakheart died? She was happy to see her Clan again but she soon needed to give Fireheart one of his nine lives. StarClan Warriors Fanfiction And Charart Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. "What do you mean?" On one paw he could picture the young warrior. Bluefur mentored Frostfur and Runningwind, and later succeeded Tawnyspots as deputy. Now and forever." Approximately 7cm with an anti-stress bean filling. so, i think bluestar shouldve chosen thrushpelt because he was in her clan, and it would just be so much easier for both of them. Bluestar purred her stary pelt glimmering. However, Tigerstar made ThunderClan falsely believe that he had killed Oakheart after Oakheart killed Redtail. "Mistyfoot will live, she will be the best deputy ever. And how you can scold me for all that chaos, I don't know. Mistyfoot and Stonefur: (keeps Bluestar) Now you're in our room. Bluestar whipped his tail off. I am Bluestar and I lost faith. A red, tawny shape flew out of the pool and dashed to Crookedstar. (me/hollyfrost): good points! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! "Good." She faded back to StarClan and appeared beside the pool. ", I nodded, narrowing my eyes. I see you again." Copyright 2023. Expecting another uproar that didn't come he explains how he'd hoped to become deputy but Bluestar chose Lionheart and when he died to ShadowClan he got his wish but the power wasn't enough so he made attempts on Bluestars life and says he believes Cinderpaws accident by Thunderpath was a trap set for Bluestar which Cinderpaw is left agape by. Bluestar took a deep breath as she spoke to Cinderpelt. She sat down on the grass in the garden. Fireheart was on the Highrock,a meeting was just started. Bluekit: We don't want to find him now you said so. "Like how we had to keep Cinderpelt reborn as Cinderkit a secret!" I slowly faded and was going back to StarClan. "Just wait until you start catching fish.". You have served your Clan well, but now it is time you live in StarClan. Oh, your eyes are open, then we can go and persecute the warriors! Are you ready for Fireheart's nine lives?" If we send Lionheart back - then that'll mean Lionheart will have to leave us and never come back!" Bluestar looked at her mate and smirked. Raggedstar stood beside him. My Clan doesn't need me, I'm just a wondering spirit Spottedleaf stood beside Bluestar. Bluestar didn't say a thing. I laid down softly in the StarClan camp watching over my Clan. But for all anyone knows he only has about three left!" Oakheart: I keep you, but you are not a tool, and the warrior code says you save the equipment. I meowed. Stunning graphic design featuring Bluestar printed on a white ceramic mug. I was filled with sorrow. Stormtail showed grief in his eyes. "He's about to kill Scourge." "Dovepaw." "But you have the hope inside my darling, I can feel it." Bluekit is born to Moonflower and Stormtail of ThunderClan, along with her sister Snowkit. "Green-cough is going to destory my Clan!" [2] They are responsible for sending signs and omens to the living cats. Third, because I'm in love with Dapplepawa! And Snowkit because you did not test you get nothing! What brings you here?" (Crying) Go back to the camp! "WindClan!" Stonetail asked "I sleep with Oakheart" Bluestar meowed "you know Bluestar sometimes I disapproved you and Oakheart's relationship" Moonflower said and Bluestar sighs "we truly loved each other, now that we're in Starclan we can be together again we know that we broke the warrior code but we still love each other. Snowkit: Let's eat vegetables that can kill us! Bluefur; fiercely ambitious, determined to do what was best for her Clan, even if it meant unimaginable sacrifices. "Catching fish now, eh, Bluestar?" ( me/hollyfrost) : hello! A large reddish-brown tom padded toward me and nuzzled me. Does the sunflower know you are outside? Bluestar smiled and looked at him as he sat down. Lionheart finally meowed. Stormtail: Good! "I never thought either, but after Tigerstar is gone Mistyfoot will surely by appointed deputy.". My kits forgave now it is time to go to StarClan,Bluestar thought as her last life was fading away. Bluekit: All right! Bluestar's spirit was beside Leafpool, looking at her large belly. bluestarsdeath bluestar drowning fireheart oakheart starclan warriors warriorcats climbtothestars wcgoretober. "Oakheart!" The results for this wintry gathering! Wanna come?" "Never give up hope!" I want to cry when they can't be together. She believes that WindClan is stealing prey from ThunderClan, when in reality the evidence shows that it is a dog, and prepares to launch an attack on them. (me/hollyfrost): i understand what your saying, i just feel like bluestar and oakheart were . Consider creating an account! "Her mother a leader, now she'll be a leader." Stonefur looked down at the Clans. He meowed padding off. Bluestar smiled. "Welcome to StarClan." Meowed Sunstar as he finally padded up. Oakheart glanced over to me and gasped. Monthly: Snow, I'm sorry to call you a drowning rat. A stackable mini-plush head of Bluestar. (jumps in) AHHHH! "I never knew I would join StarClan today", I slowly frowned. "Bluestar!" "Though how they change there will only be one great leader in my eyes" Oakheart said softly. its me hollyfrost back with another article! Monthly: Do not harass soldiers, do not separate and do not go under. by WildKat, Silver Clouds Shining At Dusk (Silverdusk) Shadedpaw's Happy Mentor SAVE THE TIGERS Running for SW! "Oakheart of RiverClan. I am Bluestar, I live In StarClan forever with hope and faith in my Clan. Warriors Fanfiction is a FANDOM Books Community. "But it is!" Oh Snowfur Why in these hard times? There is no mention of Mosskit being with either Bluestar or Oakheart in StarClan. "Your mind is clouded, you heart is filled with grey clouds. Thank you Bluestar. Bluestar was suprised to hear the medicine cat's reply. Firestar dipped his head. Bluestar's world was swirling around her and she was back in StarClan. It's fine! "My love, you did not fail your Clan." Why? She now didn't care what Stormtail thought she was a needed to check on ThunderClan. Leafpool said nothing staring at the cats. She had met Midnight, she had talked with her about StarClan and the new cats territories. Patchkit: It is a study area. She doesn't drive him off her territory but why? Only Fireheart and CInderpelt could see her. At first, she raised Mistykit, Stonekit, and Mosskit in ThunderClan with Thrushpelt as the acting father; however, in order to become deputy instead of the ambitious Thistleclaw, whom she feared would destroy ThunderClan, she gave up her kits to Oakheart to live in RiverClan, and on the journey there, Mosskit perished. Oakheart said. Id first like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated anyone who Its Icetufts Birthday! Monthly Month: Turn off the Snowkit and let him sleep. Bluestar hissed. It would have added a more interesting dynamic if he was the father of her kits and I feel like he would understand her need to become deputy more. It was a graceful day in Starclan since Bluestar was reunited with her kin. . "Death to all, pain, eyes glaring just to see what life they have left." Oakheart asked "not yet but I'll eat" Mosskit meowed and took a small fish beside Oakheart and began to eat. "Ooof." Moonflower: (see Beachball Snowkit) NNOOO! There will be many times that he will, but soon another cat will take care of the Clan, and Firestar will walk the paths of StarClan with us." Save yourself! Molepaw he brother, was on his way to lead Honeyfern to StarClan. Bluestar watched him. Snowkit: (Stops crying out of the corner) Yay! We will stay there for a month. Only the Clans themselves can choose their leaders. Be happy with Bluestar and always love her" Stormtail meowed "and tell Bluestar to come here" Moonflower added "thank you Stormtail and I will" Oakheart meowed and goes off "Bluestar" Oakheart called "what is it?" I need to go!" Bluestar looked down at the Clans her eyes blazing. "Firestar, you can do this! Bluestar growled. "Dovepaw You have bigger power than the three, life like no other. "Go on." Oakheart purred. "Finally. StarClan's hunting grounds Once they've finished eating Bluestar got up "where are you going?" "It's good to see you again," Bluestar mewed. best foods to regain strength after covid; retrograde jupiter in 3rd house; jerry brown linda ronstadt; storm huntley partner Icon Oakheart was sitting by a river, looking in. SHE SN- (sighs as she sleeps). Hey. I remembered all those happy memories of us. Warmth spread through her. Bluestar purred back. Kate believes that everything is forgiven in StarClan. You came in so I wouldn't get in trouble! "He is gone. Bluestar smiled. "They won't! Bluestar looked up at her and smiled. She knew half of StarClan now hated her. Description. Stonefur watched his sister from StarClan. "Very good." I'm going to teach you how to hunt! "I hope what you say is true Oakheart" Bluestar meowed. Bluestar is a sleek blue-silver she-cat with a silver muzzel. Secret Escape", Mistyfoot sighed. Cedarstar: (wake up tortured) OOOOOVVV!!!!!! Oakheart is beyond charming! "Oh, Bluestar. I believe in my Clan. Whitestorm continued. You haven't even lived until you try fish!" Bluestar leaned up against him their tails entwined. Stonepelt: It's Stonepelt, do you want a father who doesn't care? Oakheart pushed the fish over to Bluestar. "He doesn't care about me does he?" Spottedleaf silenced. "Oakheart!" characters by Erin Hunter art by me Image details Image size 1024x768px 575.33 KB 2016 - 2023 Comments 70 Join the community to add your comment. Tigerstar. "Down with the bloody cat killer. It took me a long time to do it! (I might give a better summary later) Thrushpelt and Mosskit's StarClan Adventures "You have earned a life for a new way, you will be reborn as Sorreltail's kit, Cinderkit and live the new life as a warrior!" "Bluestar. Firestar is loosing many lives." (Cough). She had grieved for herself because she had to leave Crowfeather. Cinderpelt looked at Bluestar and dipped her head. Bluestar nodded and walked away. "Firestar needs to use his mind, not his heart to find out the true deputy." We can't warn them more than we have. Mosskit replied cheerfully and Bluestar purred "what about you Oakheart? i honestly think oakheart was right for her because it just feels like they were made for each other. Specialists in Home Improvement. He asked. Mistykit and Stonekit are nursed by Graypool. "Bluestar! Spottedleaf retorted. Bluestar cried softly. ===Chapter Four=== Bluestar padded over to Cinderpelt many StarClan spirits surrounding her. Bluestar looked at Feathertail, she had just joined StarClan a few moons ago like Tallstar. This was a measure of how much she loved her Clanmates, and how much she feared Thistleclaw, even without seeing him in the Dark Forest. She bumped into a cat. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . However, after a devastating battle, Moonflower was killed and Stonepelt retired, resulting in Sunfall being Bluepaw's new mentor. I looked down at Firestar, he lost a life now. What happened to the strong fighter I use to know!" "RiverClan!" She recognised many familiar faces as she looked. im pretty graystripe would do that or some other riverclan cat. "You have let out your old self. Whitestorm, Spottedleaf, and Yellowfang sat beside her. i think bluestar did love thrushpelt- but just as a friend. "Father!" Bluestar meowed, her heart leaping with joy. In the Great Battle, she sacrifices herself to defend the nursery from Brokenstar . Stop, DON'T CARE! We can have sleep parties and talk about the boys and put on make-up - Uhh Dapplepaw: Once you start taking orders you have to buy your own cosmetics. Bluestar answered. (me/hollyfrost): i understand what your saying, i just feel like bluestar and oakheart were meant for each other, yea sure she wouldve been happy with thrushpelt, but she loved oakheart the most. She has a silver muzzle and a large scar across her shoulders. "Somehow now I remember that game. Warrior of the Week Gallery #33 - Bluestar, Warriors Super Edition: A World Without Limits, Codebreakers: Brainstorming The Broken Code, Top five moments when Firestar was a mouse-brain, Mini Plush Heads Coming Soon to the Warrior Cats Store. However, it seems that they are only willing to do it in specific instances given that Tigerheart was needed to reunite. And how you can scold me for all that chaos, I don't know. "That was a good catch," Bluestar praised and Oakheart turned. and today me and willowpaw/fur will be doing oakheart VS thrushpelt :who was a better choice for bluestar? now enough chitchat and lets see what willowpaw has to say! Spottedpaw's thoughts when Bluefur gives up her kits. Bluekit was born to Moonflower and Stormtail alongside her sister, Snowkit. Bluestar sighed. Patchpaw. Goosefeather: Bluekit You're going to be killed by a monster . Snowkit: Shouldn't you clean up the disease? But the storm was no doing of ours. "She warned him,Spottedleaf,now stop mooning over him!" "How do you think Firestar will react?" "Fightning for their Clan." Leafpool wailed It broke Bluestar's heart to leave her but she just left to StarClan. Spottedleaf asked eyes filled with worry. Hollyleaf's Expecting Kits? She is murdered early on in the series, but continues to guide Firestar from StarClan. Cinderpelt never got a chance to be in StarClan! StarClan promises that fire will save their clan, but what Bluestar needs are more warriors to combat the evil lurking both inside and outside of their borders, not a vague prophecy that no cat can decipher. Her blue eyes, like chips of moonlight, glanced around the forest before she slipped down the slope to stand at a blindingly white pool. Bluestar felt pride swell in her, she knew Cinderpelt would live a better life as Cinderkit letting Leafpool be a great medicine cat. "It's sad enough the Cinderpelt had to die because of that but don't blame it on Leafpool and the kits." You are not playthings of StarClan. Bluestar dipped her head dissapearing away. "Hello" She called,waiting for a answer. He made that choice to please Bluestar. Everything became silent until Bluestar spoke. "Hey, my tail isn't moss or something to play with!" West: Hey Kit! I wish they could. Kate will let fans chose what happens to StarClan cats after they fade away: disappear in oblivion or become part of a second StarClan and so on into infinity. Bluestar let out a small breath. And what was probably more real to him than either; the gifted leader who had done what she felt was best and borne the pain of it alone. "The four Clans will live, strong, proud, and loyal!" Hollyfrost and Willowpaw debate who wouldve been a better mate for Bluestar. Bluestar watched his stary fur dissapear. Bluestar completed her sentence. and it was really sweet how mistystar and stonefur forgave her while she was dying. Registered users will be able to edit pages, will only see ads on the Main Page, and more. Moonflower meowed. Bluestar shouted and Oakheart turns around then Bluestar pinned Oakheart happily "what's this about?" "You have suffered much and lost much, and yet you still serve your Clanmates, putting their needs before yours, willing to sacrifice all for the sake of your Clan. SkyClan's Destiny Snowfur appears only breifly, when the SkyClan ancestors and StarClan are reunited for a night. He was born as Oakkit to Rainflower and Shellheart, along with his brother, Stormkit. "What other!" "Thanks Bluestar." Goodbye Cinderpelt. "Cinderpelt, you will be joining StarClan very soon." Tallstar padded up. Read 44. Bluestar ran her spirit going to the Clans. Before I knew, there was a pile of blood and bones, Firestar looked terrified. She yowled. In a heartbeat Snowfur went racing off. Oakheart asked with a little nervous voice "yes. Welcome to the Warriors Wiki! I feel frozen with excitement! Goose feathers: How many poppies did you eat? Patchkit: No, you were not! Stormtail? Bluestar hissed. oakheart bluestar warriors riverclan bluefur warriorcats warrior thunderclan cats firestar crookedstar stonefur mosskit redtail sandstorm fireheart tigerclaw shadowclan cat 42 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 Bluestar's Choice by Ivypool 1K 21 8 If Bluestar had never given her kits away to RiverClan, where would she be now? Oakheart meowed. also if mistystar and stonefur werent alive, than she wouldve died in a instant, she had firestar,mistystar AND stonefurs help. Here is another place where we can get into trouble! Bluekit: Get out of my dreams you loony! Whatever happens, they'll always be my kits, too! "I just hope I made the right choice for Onewhisker." Luckily Bluestar became mates with Oakheart again in Starclan, thank goodness! "Only a matter of time before it happens, the badger is coming." The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. "Leave me alone Spottedleaf, you're worth nothing, all you do is moon over Firestar" Spottedleaf's pelt bristled. Bluestar spat pacing around the clearing her pelt glowing with the StarClan shine. "W-what do you mean?" I need more answers!" Bluestar cheered. But, we all know that your mate shouldn't charm you just to do what they want. Her fur was no longer wet, and she wasn't gasping for breath! I'm sorry Redtail, but I can't give faith or hope. "Why do you think you're worthless?" "But finally we know Mosskit died.". Powered by WordPress. You'll see Moonflower, Snowfur, Oakheart, Sweetpaw. #SoCWeek11 <=====> Introduction Character Design "They will live, with hope and faith. Spottedleaf let out a mrrow of laughter. But now you are gone Bluestar was lying down by Oakheart looking down at her Clan. This page contains the complete family lineage of Bluestar, and contains all known ancestors and descendants. No, she was in camp with Firepaw, Lionheart and Whitestorm. I am sorry my kits.. Snowfur padded over and touched noses with her. Whitestorm hissed. Fire will save the Clanyou never understood, did you? This answer is: Study guides. Oakheart: Fiiiine. Many of the spirits yowled and cried with joy. "Do not give up, you will be a medicine cat like no other, walking in the pawsteps of past medicine cats." Bluestar: IT DIDN'T HAPPEN !!!!! Bluestar clawed the ground getting rid of all the thoughts replacing them. It is all against military rule but who cares!! Bluestar-shippings. Larksong: Oh see! Leafpool took a step back. @Lavacat1. I need to be as strong as fire. When they're able to leave the nursery, Leopardkit and Patchkit show them around ThunderClan's camp. gayle buchannon death, adaptive link speed realtek,

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